Advantages of Bitcoin for Online Casino

In 2009, a new way of transacting online was introduced to the world. With its massive head start, Bitcoin quickly became a popular form of currency that, to this day, remains to be the top cryptocurrency to beat.

With Bitcoin, you can purchase goods and pay for services without any intervention from any person, organization, or even the government. And, it has also made its way into online casinos.

More and more online casinos are opening its doors to allowing their users to use Bitcoin. Now, if you are into cryptocurrencies, you can participate and play more games online. It is similar to using e-wallet and debit cards where you have to make a deposit. And, your Bitcoin automatically converts into a standard currency such as USD or EUR.

However, there are other players out there that are still skeptical of using Bitcoin for online casinos. And, if you are one of them, here are the main reasons why you should consider trying this popular form of payment.

Advantages of Bitcoin for Online Casino

1. Privacy

Providing users privacy when making transactions was one of the main reasons why Bitcoin was created. It is a decentralized unit. Thus, it is not covered or controlled by any bank, government, or system. This also means that your details are not visible to anyone. To use it, you just have to provide the address of your crypto wallet or the place where you are keeping your Bitcoins.

But why is privacy so important when playing on an online casino? Well, since more and more people get better at hacking, keeping your details private means you are safe from having your money stolen.

2. Low Fees

Now, since Bitcoin is decentralized, the transactions you make with it does not have to go through any specific service or banking system. Thus, the fees you need to pay can be very low or even none at all. However, do keep in mind that Bitcoin transactions are still kept in a public ledger known as “Blockchain.” This is a type of database that tracks its users’ transactions and keeps them operating smoothly.

So, even if you won’t need to pay a fee for withdrawing your Bitcoin money from a casino, there will still be a fee that will automatically be deducted from your withdrawn amount. But, it will be so low that you won’t probably even notice it.

3. Faster Transactions

Since Bitcoin runs entirely online, you don’t have to wait more than 2 to 3 days to complete a transaction. So, once your withdrawal application is approved, your money will be on its way to your crypto wallet.

However, this does not mean that you’ll have your money within 10 minutes. The online casino will still have to authorize your withdrawal, which can take a day. But, even with this fact, it is still faster compared to other currencies.

4. Bonus and Promotions

Using Bitcoin on online casinos allows you to enjoy specific bonuses and promotions. For some casinos, they offer a 100% match bonus up to at least 1 BTC on your first deposit. And, usually, more rewards await you for the next deposits you make.

You can even enjoy a lifetime reload bonus, depending on the online casino you choose. But, aside from that, some Bitcoin online casinos offer awards like free spins, cashback, and even tickets to special events!

Last updated: February 25, 2020


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