Points to Consider when Playing European Roulette Wheel

When it comes to online roulette, always go for European roulette if you can. Most online casinos have the game on offer. In America, European roulette in real-life casinos isn’t usually as straightforward as you think. Often, the game can be limited to tables with higher stakes which means it isn’t always accessible to the rest of the gamblers. Many casinos aren’t that keen on the European version of the wheel.

They often prefer offering American roulette because you’ll have double the odds that are working against you when playing this version. With American roulette, the house has an even higher advantage

Understanding the Difference

The main difference has something to do with the way that the numbers are distributed on the wheels. However, note that there isn’t really much that will significantly affect the game’s overall odds. The way that the numbers are distributed on the wheel is purposely done to ensure that there isn’t any bias for evens, odds, blacks or reds across the entire set.

When there are certain groups of these possibilities on the wheel, this can lead to spin biases that can significantly affect how the game is played. At the same time, this could lead to dealers aiming for a specific area of the wheel when spinning.

Perhaps the main thing that you need to be concerned with in terms of playing European roulette is that the American version has two 0s on the slot instead of just one for the European version.

This means that the house’s edge is doubled in the American version of the game. With the extra zero on the wheel for America roulette, you can expect to lose about 5.26% of whatever total money you bet.

Meanwhile, the odds for European roulette are at 2.7%— clearly lower than what the American version has. There are also certain versions of the game where the odds fall even lower to around 1.3%. For the uninitiated in playing online casinos games, the numbers may not mean that much, however, based on the figures that both games of wheel extend as far as odds go, you are likely to lose two times when you play American roulette what you would lose when playing a European one.

Due to how lopsided the American version of roulette is, in terms of odds, it is quite surprising to see that they’re still existent in the market. This is the reason that if you are playing online games at virtual casinos, the moment you see two 0s on the roulette game, you are advised to get your money cashed out as soon as you can.

Last updated: February 26, 2020


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