Rogue Online Casinos – Everything You Need to Know

If there is one disadvantage to online gambling, it’s that physical money is not involved. It is virtual, after all. This is why gamblers have to put a great deal of trust to the online casinos that whatever they have won will be rewarded to them if and when they decide to withdraw them. Players also have to reconcile with the fact that instead of seeing physical cash piling up in front of them, if they were playing at an actual casino table, they’ll have to make do with online credits.

One would think that due to how the online gambling world is banked on these principles, there should be no way that they can be breached and violated. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There have been many instances when players have to face the stark reality that things aren’t always as they seem in the virtual world.

Seasoned online players are no stranger to rogue casinos. As the term itself signifies, these are charlatans, swindlers— online gambling sites that pose as legit operators but, in reality, are just there waiting for unsuspecting players to sign up so they can take away their money.

Spotting them shouldn’t be that hard to do since they are mostly those that have been slapped by one player complaint after another. They’re also mostly known for the fraudulent policies they impose on players. Most, if not every one of them, deserve their spot on online rogue casino list.

One sign that you are dealing with a rogue online casino is when they make it so hard for you to withdraw your winnings. In some cases, they will just out-rightly refuse your withdrawal request. Some websites just suddenly go off the grid before paying out their members. There are also those that tend to drag withdrawal requests for too long so players will get impatient, start using their winnings to play and gamble until they end up losing everything— the casino wins.

Many other signs will help you identify the rogue gambling sites from the rest. Among these are:

  • They have no qualms in sharing your email address.
  • Their game results are inconsistent and don’t make sense based on statistical standards
  • They turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to player complaints, disputes, and other problems.
  • They never follow through on their offers, especially when it comes to prizes, rewards, and bonuses.

You’ll want to protect yourself from becoming a victim of these unscrupulous websites. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can do, which will help you have a safer gambling experience online. One of which is to choose to go to iomjapan for one of the safest and most secure online casinos today.

Look for casinos that have earned a high ranking by search engines. When a website enjoys a high rank in say, Google searches, it means that it is well-liked by online users and it is also popular. There is little to no chance for a rogue casino to secure a higher ranking in search engines.

Ask around and listen to other players’ recommendations. If you know of friends or family members that share the same interest in online casino games, ask if they can recommend a good and credible website you can check out.

Find sites that are very particular with their security policy. When a website takes extra steps in maintaining their security and that of their players, you can expect that they are operating legally. Sites that seem to be too lax, especially when it comes to verifying the identity of their players may not be a good setting for you to be playing at.

Do your homework. Due diligence is still the key to avoiding those sites that are only trying to scam players of their hard-earned cash. Keep yourself with the latest online gambling related news. It is always easier to steer clear from the bad apples when you are well informed about anything and everything concerning online gambling.

Last updated: September 3, 2021


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